Department of Mechanical Engineering

  • Manufacturing Technology Laboratory


    To give practical hands on exposure to students in the various metal cutting operations using commonly used machine tools. The facilities in the shop are being used for other department project and maintenance work in addition to the main curriculum work.

  • Dynamics Laboratory


    To supplement the principles learnt in kinematics and dynamics of machinery and to understand how certain measuring devices are used for dynamic testing.

  • Metrology and Measurements Laboratory


    To understand the basic principles of measurements and to learn the various linear and angular measuring equipments, their principle of operation and applications and learn about various methods of measuring mechanical parameters.

  • Fluid Mechanics & Machinery Laboratory


    The student is introduced to the mechanics of fluids through a thorough understanding of the properties of the fluids. The dynamics of fluids is introduced through the control volume approach which gives an integrated understanding of the transport of mass, momentum and energy. The applications of the conservation of laws to flow through pipes and hydraulics machines are studied.

  • Thermal Engineering Laboratory


    To apply the thermodynamic concepts into various thermal application like IC Engines, Steam Turbines, Compressors and Refrigeration and Air Conditioning systems.

  • Engineering Practices Laboratory


    To introduce the students the concepts of some basic manufacturing processes and fabrication techniques, such as metal casting, metal joining, metal forming and plastics component manufacture.

  • Mechatronics Laboratory


    To understand the interdisciplinary applications of Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical and Computer Systems for the Control of Mechanical and Electronic systems.

  • CAD/CAM Laboratory


    To understand and handle design problems in a systematic manner and to gain practical experience in handling 2D drafting and 3D modelling software systems. To apply CAD in real life application and to understand the concepts G and M codes and manual part programming. To expose students to modern control systems (Fanuc, Siemens etc) and to expose students to modern CNC application machines like Industrial type lathe and milling machine as well as CMM.


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