Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

  • Electrical Machines


    • To expose the students to the operation of D.C. Machines , transformers and give them experimental skill.
    • To make them to understand the operation of synchronous machines and induction motors and give them experimental skill.

  • Measurements & Control Instrumentation Laboratory


    • To train the students in the measurement of displacement, resistance, inductance, torque and angle etc., and to give exposure to AC, DC bridges and transient measurement.
    • To provide knowledge on analysis and design of control system along with basics of Instrumentation & to fortify the students with an adequate work experience in the measurement of different quantities and also the expertise in handling the instruments involved.

  • Power Electronics Laboratory


    To provide hands on experience with power electronic converter design and testing.

  • Power System Simulation Laboratory


    To provide better understanding of power system analysis through digital simulation.


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