Green Campus rewards long term commitment to continuous environmental improvement from the campus community. Green Campus status is achieved by making significant progress in cross campus community collaboration under one or a number of the following themes : Energy, Water, Travel and Transport, Biodiversity, Waste
  • To implement ‘Go green’ – Making the campus green
  • To identify opportunities to save energy.
  • To see that proper steps have been taken to control or to prevent adverse effects like pollution.
  • To reduce waste and to dispose waste
  • To see that proper steps have been taken for maintaining health and welfare of the students and staff.
  • To form the institutional structure in accordance with the main policy, goals and objectives of this strategy document.
  • To improve external financing opportunities, to strengthen collaborations, to increase awareness activities aimed at shareholders in accordance with the main policy, purposes and objectives of this strategy document.
  • To hold an internationally recognized certificate related to the issue and assure its sustainability as a result indicator of the actions taken in order to reach the main policy, goals and objectives specified in this strategy document,
  • To decrease energy consumption and loss, to increase energy utilization efficiency.
  • To provide the current Campus facilities with national and international energy performance standards and to adopt systems with high energy efficiency.
  • To extend the usage of renewable energy resources for current buildings and to prioritize renewable energy systems in the buildings to be built newly,
  • To increase efficiency in energy production (generators), transmission, and distribution and to reduce energy loss within the infrastructure of electricity production and distribution.
  • To reach international standards in the quality of indoor and outdoor air.
  • To prevent and control environmental noise.
  • To establish an efficient waste and recycling systems.
  • To ensure land use, water management, and the conservation of natural resources.

Committee Members

Name Position
Mr.R.Alister Supervisor