To evolve as Centre of Excellence in Teaching, Innovative Research and Consultation in Engineering and Technology and to empower the rural youth with technical knowledge and professional competence thereby transposing them as globally competitive and self-disciplined technocrats.


To inculcate technical knowledge and soft skills among rural students through student-centric learning process and make them as competent Engineers with professional ethics to face the global challenges, thus bridging the 'rural-urban divide'.

Quality Policy

To develop the college into a global institute of Learning, Research and consultation in Engineering and Technology with high standard of academic excellence
To serve the institute with total commitment, dedication, team spirit and quality conscious in teaching and training the students.
To empower the rural youth with technical knowledge and professional competence and thereby bridging the barrier between rural and urban.
To mould the students as citizens with moral, ethical and social values so as to fulfill their obligations to the society and nation at large.
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DMI Foundations (DFT) is a strategic organization established by Rev. Fr. J.E. Arul Raj, the Founder of the Societies of Daughters of Mary Immaculate (DMI), Missionaries of Mary Immaculate (MMI).,

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Though unworthy I am, God the Father in His boundless mercy, called me to be a missionary priest of Oblates of Mary Immaculate (OMI). Being a missionary was more important to me than an opportunity given to me.,

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Chairman Message

Dear Friends, DMI and MMI are the congregations of catholic Religious Sisters and Priests known for their selfless service to humanity in many parts of the world. Self respect through Self Sustenance, Self sustenance through capacity building, capacity building through knowledge based technical skills which leads to the respectable employment which provides the realization of one’s ability to market one’s own ideas,skills and products in our vision for those whom we serve. To groom well disciplined,humanity motivated,intellectually enlightened, Technically oriented citizens with stamina built in to face the changing world and a committed strong spiritual base is our goal. All our educational and development services are oriendted towards this goal which is to be achieved through the collective effect of consecrated Religious, Committed Collaborators, Dedicated staff, Receptive students and all others concerned. We pray and hope that every person who passes through our hands is nourished an enriched in every way, not only to face the future but also to shape his or her own future and that of our country and the universe.More Details

May God bless you !.
Rev.Fr.Dr.J.E.Arul Raj.


Name Designation
Rev.Fr.Dr.J.E.Arul Raj Chairman
Rev.Sr.Gnanselvam Managing trustee
Dr.R. Palaniyandi Director(OM)
Rev.Sr.I.Arokiyamry Correspondent
Rev.Sr.Pradeeba Administrator
Dr.M.Rajkumar Prinicipal

Principal Message

Today, we are witnessing a world with a human population of over 7.50 billion needing food, water, shelter, education, employment and good health. It is also foreseen that future generations across the planet will face greatest challenges in having these needs fulfilled. Inventions and innovations in engineering have constantly provided us with a quality of life generating new ways of solving problems and engineering is always on the run to keep pace with the ever changing complex world. Aligned with this philosophy, JP College of Engineering was started with a vision to meet the needs of a futuristic society through technology helping the students to match the urban needs with the rural mind offset. The institute has grown over the years in pursuit of this vision and crossed several milestones of excellence. This has become possible only due to continued patronage of the magnanimous management, tireless efforts of its experienced, qualified faculty and staff members and worthy contributions of its dedicated students and alumni.More Details

Wishes for the brightest future!